Welcome to the Onyx
A server that is built only on community suggestions!

What is Onyx?

Onyx is a remake project based on the lastest pre-eoc version. Relive what used to be truely great.

Skilling Economy

Every single skill including construction dungeoneering, and every single slayer task fully working!.


Challenge our minigames and win epic rewards.

Countless features

Thousands of features ready to be played.

Open World

Explore the world throught the hundreds of shops and teleports provided ingame


Defeat over a hundred different bosses.

Grand Exchange

Create, buy and sell your items in a global economy.

Other Features


100s of Summoning creatures available for you!

Pest Control

Full Pest Control games so you can get Void Quick!


Survive the depths of Daemonheim together with your friends.

Great Exp Rates

Train at a decent rate. The rates arent too fast, and they certainly arent too slow, making it perfect for anyone!

Rare Loot and Rewards

Fight some of our toughest bosses, hardest skills, and server events to earn rare loot that will catch everyones attention!

Stealing Creation

Fight against dozens of players to obtain xp boosts!


See for yourself what we have to offer

Join Onyx and embark on an epic adventure

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